How Long Should I Wait Before Sending Thank You Cards?

How long should you wait after receiving a gift to send a thank you card? This is totally up to you, but the sooner the better. We say typically after receiving a gift, the person who gave you the card should have a thank you card in hand within 2 weeks of giving you the gift. So our advise is, whenever you receive a gift, you should send out a thank you card within a week of receiving the gift, in hopes that the person will receive your thank you card within 2 week of the initial gift exchange.

If you are wondering how long you have to send out thank you cards after a wedding, you have a little more leeway due to the amount of people that you have to send to, and because you probably were on a honeymoon vacation for a while. So we recommend that you send thank you cards after a wedding within a month to a month and a half.

If you are the person who gave the gift and have not received a thank you card within this amount of time, chances are you will not be getting a thank you card form that person. In this case we have the perfect card for you to send them. Hit them back with this card (Click HERE) for a little sarcastic humor. The inside of the card reads, “No need to thank me, because… You’re Welcome!”

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