How Long Should It Take To Receive a Thank You Card?

How long should it take to receive a Thank You Card from someone? Typically after a gift exchange for a birthday, Christmas, etc. you should receive a Thank You Card within 2-3 weeks of the gift exchange.

For a wedding you should typically give the person sending the Thank You Cards a little longer, due to the amount of Thank Yous that usually get sent out, and due to the fact that the newlyweds may be on a honeymoon trip for a week or so after their wedding. So for a wedding, we feel that you should receive a Thank You Card from the newly weds withing a month, month and a half max.

If for some reason you don’t receive a Thank You Card for your generous gift within the above time frame, there is a problem. Either the person that should be sending the Thank You Card didn’t feel that they needed to send you a Thank You Card, or they forgot. Either way, we have the solution for not receiving a Thank You Card when you should have. And if you did receive a Thank You Card, we have the perfect rebuttal for that as well to get some good laughs going!

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