How to Say You’re Welcome, Best Way to Say You’re Welcome

Saying “You’re Welcome” is an easy thing to do, but making it memorable is a bit harder. Here at You’re Welcome Cards, we try to make every “You’re Welcome” sincere and memorable for the person who receives it. Well OK, not all our “You’re Welcomes” are sincere, but they will sure be memorable, and make whoever receives them laugh!

There are many different ways to say “you’re welcome,” you can say it sincerely, jokingly, sarcastically, ect.  Well we have found the perfect way to say “you’re Welcome” to anyone and everyone you know, and even people that you might not know.  Send them one of our unique You’re Welcome Cards!

These cards are the perfect way to say you’re welcome to someone. If you receive a thank you card from someone, make sure you send them back a You’re Welcome Card. If you don’t receive a thank you card from someone when you rightfully should have, send them one of our sarcastic You’re Welcome Cards which read “No need to thank me, because… You’re Welcome.”  If you do something nice for someone, and just want to let them know that they are welcome for all your hard work, give them a You’re Welcome Card.  If you finish all the beer in the fridge, leave a You’re Welcome Card in there for whoever will be coming to look for a cold beverage later.  If you get bad service at a restaurant, leave a You’re Welcome card on the table with your bad tip when you leave.  The possibilities to give You’re Welcome Cards are endless!

Check out all our You’re Welcome Cards HERE, and be creative with them. Come back and share your story on who you gave a you’re welcome card to and why! We would love to hear some funny stories from everyone.

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