How to Say You’re Welcome, Best Way to Say You’re Welcome

Saying “You’re Welcome” is an easy thing to do, but making it memorable is a bit harder. Here at You’re Welcome Cards, we try to make every “You’re Welcome” sincere and memorable for the person who receives it. Well OK, not all our “You’re Welcomes” are sincere, but they will sure be memorable, and make whoever receives them laugh!

There are many different ways to say “you’re welcome,” you can say it sincerely, jokingly, sarcastically, ect.  Well we have found the perfect way to say “you’re Welcome” to anyone and everyone you know, and even people that you might not know.  Send them one of our unique You’re Welcome Cards!

These cards are the perfect way to say you’re welcome to someone. If you receive a thank you card from someone, make sure you send them back a You’re Welcome Card. If you don’t receive a thank you card from someone when you rightfully should have, send them one of our sarcastic You’re Welcome Cards which read “No need to thank me, because… You’re Welcome.”  If you do something nice for someone, and just want to let them know that they are welcome for all your hard work, give them a You’re Welcome Card.  If you finish all the beer in the fridge, leave a You’re Welcome Card in there for whoever will be coming to look for a cold beverage later.  If you get bad service at a restaurant, leave a You’re Welcome card on the table with your bad tip when you leave.  The possibilities to give You’re Welcome Cards are endless!

Check out all our You’re Welcome Cards HERE, and be creative with them. Come back and share your story on who you gave a you’re welcome card to and why! We would love to hear some funny stories from everyone.

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How To Say “You’re Welcome” During the Holidays, Say You’re Welcome this Christmas

This holiday season, make sure you say “You’re Welcome” after receiving a gift or a nice gesture from somebody.

Here at You’re Welcome Cards, we have devoted our time to making it easy for you to let people know that they are welcome. After you receive a “Thank You” Card this Christmas, or Holiday Season, make sure you send them back a “You’re Welcome” Card!  This will bring laughs, fun, and great conversation to whoever receives it.

So after you receive that “Thank You” card from someone, send them back our classic “You’re Welcome” card, that reads – “Just to one-up your Thank You.” This will no doubt bring laughs and joy to your friend or family member who receives it from you.

And if you don’t receive a “Thank You” card when you rightfully should have, make sure to send them our other option of “You’re Welcome” card, which reads – “No need to thank me, because… You’re Welcome.” This is for all you sarcastic people out there, or all you who are upset that you didn’t get a thank you card. This card is also great to give with your gift to someone this Christmas. It will let them know right off the bat that there is no need to send you a “Thank You” card.

So this Christmas and Holiday Season, make sure to send out some You’re Welcome Cards to keep the laughs and holiday joy going amongst your family and friends!

Enjoy, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas…
and You’re Welcome!

How Long Should I Wait Before Sending Thank You Cards?

How long should you wait after receiving a gift to send a thank you card? This is totally up to you, but the sooner the better. We say typically after receiving a gift, the person who gave you the card should have a thank you card in hand within 2 weeks of giving you the gift. So our advise is, whenever you receive a gift, you should send out a thank you card within a week of receiving the gift, in hopes that the person will receive your thank you card within 2 week of the initial gift exchange.

If you are wondering how long you have to send out thank you cards after a wedding, you have a little more leeway due to the amount of people that you have to send to, and because you probably were on a honeymoon vacation for a while. So we recommend that you send thank you cards after a wedding within a month to a month and a half.

If you are the person who gave the gift and have not received a thank you card within this amount of time, chances are you will not be getting a thank you card form that person. In this case we have the perfect card for you to send them. Hit them back with this card (Click HERE) for a little sarcastic humor. The inside of the card reads, “No need to thank me, because… You’re Welcome!”

How Long Should It Take To Receive a Thank You Card?

How long should it take to receive a Thank You Card from someone? Typically after a gift exchange for a birthday, Christmas, etc. you should receive a Thank You Card within 2-3 weeks of the gift exchange.

For a wedding you should typically give the person sending the Thank You Cards a little longer, due to the amount of Thank Yous that usually get sent out, and due to the fact that the newlyweds may be on a honeymoon trip for a week or so after their wedding. So for a wedding, we feel that you should receive a Thank You Card from the newly weds withing a month, month and a half max.

If for some reason you don’t receive a Thank You Card for your generous gift within the above time frame, there is a problem. Either the person that should be sending the Thank You Card didn’t feel that they needed to send you a Thank You Card, or they forgot. Either way, we have the solution for not receiving a Thank You Card when you should have. And if you did receive a Thank You Card, we have the perfect rebuttal for that as well to get some good laughs going!

See the Perfect Cards –
When you didn’t receive a Thank You Card and should have Click HERE
When you received a Thank You Card and want to One Up them Click HERE

What To Do When Thank You Cards Are Not Sent Or Received

It has happened to almost all of us, and the problem is that it seems to be happening more and more frequently. Card giving etiquette, and good etiquette in general have taken a dive over the past couple decades, even more noticably over the past couple years.

What is the reason for the lack of a personal response, such as a Thank You card, or even a note of gratitude? It seems that more and more people find it unecessary to send Thank You cards these days, and being middle aged, it’s very funny to compare the generations on either side. The older generations always send, and expect to receive Thank You cards, and they will send them for many different occasions, not just when gifts are received, but also when they have been invited to dinner, taken to a sporting event or to a show. The younger generations don’t even think about sending Thank You cards for such things. Do these generations just have a sense of entitlement that makes them feel that they don’t need to say thanks for gifts received or kind gestures that they benefited from?

I read a small article about sending Thank You’s that touched on the fact that there are other ways to show appreciation these days, primarily by sending an email rather than a Thank You card, but it mentioned the fact that even though email is delivered immediately, a hand-written Thank You card gives a touch of personality that can’t be matched through an email.

So what should you do when you don’t receive a Thank You card after giving a gift, or going out of your way to help someone out? I guess that really depends on your personality, but one great option that works for many personality types is to send a You’re Welcome Card. This is a great option for those of us who are sarcastic, for those of us who are offended by the fact that we didn’t receive a Thank You, for those of us who just like to give our friends a hard time, for those of us who think it’s our job to teach others proper manners and etiquitte, and so on.

What do you do when you don’t receive a Thank You card?