Holiday Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas

Oftentimes, we focus on the big gifts during the holiday season, and don’t place too much importance on the smaller gifts. The thoughtful ones that can make people laugh and smile. Here’s an idea for you this Holiday season. Put some You’re Welcome Cards into your loved ones stockings this year. My favorite card to send out after the Holiday season is this one:

This is our first You’re Welcome Card design and the inside simply reads “Just to one-up your Thank You!” I love sending this card to the people who actually send me Thank You cards, though it seems like fewer and fewer people every year send out thank you cards.

Cards to Give With Christmas Presents

Christmas CardsHey everyone, this year for Christmas give out a gift that will bring laughs and fun to everyone who receives them! We are talking about “You’re Welcome” Cards!!!

A lot of people have never even heard of You’re Welcome Cards, which makes it all the better to give as a gift. You’re welcome cards make a prefect card to give with your Christmas gift, especially the one that reads “No need to thank me, because… You’re Welcome!” This will let the person that you give your gift to know that they don’t need to send you a “Thank You” card this year for giving them a gift. This card will for sure bring laughs to whoever receives it!

You’re Welcome Cards also make a great gift on their own. Give a pack of you’re welcome cards as a gift to people this Christmas and Holiday season. They will be able to send them out to all their friends and family after they receive “Thank You” cards. Our unique You’re Welcome Card that read “Just to One-Up Your Thank You” is perfect for this situation. Send these out to all who send you Thank You Cards this year, and enjoy some good laughs after the holidays.

You’re Welcome Cards are the perfect Cards to give with Christmas Present this year, and are the perfect Present to give as well.

Merry Christmas,
and no need to Thank Us, because…

You’re Welcome!

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Holding a Door Open For That Jerk That Didn’t Say “Thank You”


Do you say “Thank You” when someone holds a door open for you?

Today I held a door open for someone and they didn’t say “thank you.”

I just love this one… I go out of my way to wait a little while longer and hold the door for the person coming behind me. Spending precious moments of my life, just to be nice to that that person. He walks right through the open door, that I am clearly holding open for him, and doesn’t “Thank You”! He doesn’t even an acknowledge the fact that I went out of my way to help him out a little.

So, I ran right up to him and slapped a You’re Welcome Card across his forehead and told him “Have a Great Day!”

What a Prick! People like that are the reason you need to have some You’re Welcome Cards handy to throw at them when they are being inconsiderate jerks!

So next time you walk through a door someone is so politely holding open for you, say “thank you,” or you may just get slapped across the head with a You’re Welcome Card next time!

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Great Gift Giving Ideas, Best Gifts to Give

What is the Best Gift to give to anyone? Something that is not age, sex or gender bias.

The perfect gift to give anyone, that they will enjoy and use for laughs for years to come are You’re Welcome Cards!

You’re Welcome Cards the perfect gifts to give to friends, family coworkers, colleagues, etc. They are great for everyone with a sense of humor and is looking to have a little fun with whomever you might send these cards to.

Check out our great selection of You’re Welcome Cards to give as gifts HERE!

You’re Welcome cards come in packs of 10 cards, with custom envelopes which makes for a perfect gift!

Also, we have a You’re Welcome Card to give with a gift if you have someone you are giving a gift to that always seems to send out a Thank You Card after you give them a gift. Give them This Card and let them know they are Welcome” before they can thank you.