Demetri Martin Likes You’re Welcome Cards

Recently on the Demetri Martin Show, he talked about how he wants “to design You’re Welcome Cards.”

Well guess what!? We already got them! So if you are like Demetri Martin, and love having some fun with present giving, or just showing that your card is better than someone’s Thank You Card, then check out our great line up of You’re Welcome Cards.

Here is a clip of the Demetri Martin Show where he talks about You’re Welcome Cards (Pay attentions at about 1:30)
Important Things with Demetri Martin
Season 2 Episode 3: Strategy
Airdate: 02/18/10

Penn State Thank You, You’re Welcome Cheer, Penn State Thank You Cards

Penn State Thank You Youre Welcome CheerPenn State Thank You Youre WelcomeFor all you Penn State Football fans out there you are probably familiar with the famous “We are – Penn State” Cheer. Where the Students and Cheerleaders shout “We are,” followed by a response of “Penn State” from the rest of the fans. This is usually done three or four times, and followed by “Thank you…” “… you’re welcome!” when completed. Although usually heard at sporting events at Penn State, the cheer is not limited to to just sporting events.  We reccommed you keep the spirit going even after you leave the game by sending out one of our Famous “You’re Welcome” Cards!

We have got the perfect Penn State You’re Welcome card for all you Penn State sports fans out there! Send another Penn State fan our You’re Welcome Card that reads, “Just to One-Up Your Thank You.”  This will be sure to keep the Penn State spirit alive and give your fellow fans a good laugh.

Order your Penn State “Thank You Youre Welcome Cards HERE!”

Good Times to Say “You’re Welcome”, When to Say “You’re Welcome”

Here is a list of some good times to say or give “You’re Welcome” Cards!

1. After a “Thank You”.
2. When someone doesn’t say “Thank You”, or doesn’t send you a “Thank You” Card.
3. After Giving a Present.
4. After giving an ass whooping in a game, or sporting event.
5. After drinking the last beer.
6. After eating the last chip.
7. After leaving a tip at a restaurant.
8. After making the bathroom unbearable for anyone else to go into.
9. After forgetting to do something you should have for someone.
10. After ruining the Surprise.

Getting Bad Service at a Restaurant and Leaving No Tip

youre-welcome-tipWe just recently ate a restaurant and got absolutely no service. We sat in our seats in the bar area for a half an hour with only the chip guy bringing by chips. Nothing else! So we ordered all of our food and drinks from the bar, and just brought it back to our seats. All they got for a tip were a few You’re Welcome Cards and a big fat ZERO on the tip line of the receipt!

Don’t be deceived by the 5 dollar bill in the pic. They sure as hell didn’t get that from us!

Give a You’re Welcome Card After a Recreational Sporting Event

For those of us who play recreational sports, we all know that there is always that guy who is WAY TOO competitive and overly into the game. You all know who I’m talking about, that guy who slides head first into first base in his slow pitch softball league, or that guy in the basketball league who comes geared up in James Worthy goggles and a headband with armbands to match, or worst of all, the guy who is about 75-100lbs. overweight and decides that he should run triathalons… to that guy: Wearing tight lycra will not make you faster or more in shape.

youre-welcome-card-on-carAnyways, my point is that there are guys like this in every sport we play, and more than anything, they are annoying! They’re usually the ones who talk during the entire game and never make a single play that helps their team out. They continue their loud annoying banter through 9 innings of dead terrible adult league softball, they talk trash on the court about how they are the next Jordan and for some reason, they still think, at 47 years old, that the reason that they aren’t in the big leagues is because of a high school coach who didn’t give them enough playing time and ruined their career.

There is nothing better than putting these people in their place! So after destroying these guys on the scoreboard, grab a You’re Welcome card on the way to the parking lot and slip it under the windshield wiper of “Mr. Big Time”, and jott a little note down on the back… something like this usually does the trick:

  • The free basketball clinic has concluded. You suck. You’re Welcome.
  • I struck you out 5 times… in slow pitch… You’re Welcome.
  • I lapped you twice… in a 1 lap race… You’re Welcome.

You get the idea, have fun with it.

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